• 2-Channel RACKTUNER and Metronome
  • Multifunctional tuner including built-in microphone
  • Metronome is adjustable from 30-240BPM with audible and visual beat indicator
  • Manual TAP tempo function
  • Switchable rack light with high-power LEDs
  • 11 different tuner modes based on 12 equally tempered tones
  • Manual or automatic A-tone standard pitch calibration from 428Hz-452Hz in 1Hz increments, transposable by a maximum of ±7 semitones
  • Adjustable resolution of the LED bar (5 cent/LED vs. 1 cent/LED)
  • 2 separate input channels accessible via front and back connectors
  • Additional 1/4" TS output for metronome click/reference tone
  • True hardware bypass for highest signal integrity between input and output
  • Mute function for direct signal muting during tuning

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  • Fabricante: Behringer
  • Código do produto: BTR-2000
  • Disponibilidade: Em Stock
  • 75.00€