• Antari Vivid VF1

Haze Effect Machine 

Built in Timer Control 
700 Watt Heater 
1500 cu.ft per minute Output 
0.8 Litre Tank Capacity 
Using regular glycol based fog liquid, the VF1 Fazer creates a translucent haze perfect for lighting applications. 
The Fazer allows the user to bring their lighting to life whether it is used with a few lights or a full lighting system. The top mounted fan at the front of the Fazer forces the haze to expand whil pushing it downwards. This disperses the haze so that the light can be seen while not obscuring everything else in a cloud of smoke. From ground level, the haze expands upwards to provide effective coverage in any venue. The VF-1 Fazer has been designed for DJ's, keeping in mind, style, portability and performance. 

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Antari Vivid VF1

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