Dörfler DV10 DV10
Dörfler DV10 DV10
Dörfler DV10 DV10 Dörfler DV10 DV10

Dörfler DV10

violin bow 4/4, massaranduba, parisien eye, full lined with trimmed slide, octagonal
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Beginner’s model with top-quality, octagonal massaranduba wood stick. This type of wood sits comfortably in the hand of the musician and is also suitable for very young beginners.
Fine details such as the nickel-silver mounted slide and Parisian eye.

Collection Brasil wood: Brazil wood nickel silver collection

best brazil wood stick
ebony frog with split lining
trimmed slide
Parisian eye
three-part button with mother of pearl eye
metal blanc winding

Dörfler's Brazilwood bows are a matter of fact. Here an optimally finely adapted trio is put to use: Massaranduba for the stick, genuine ebony from tropical Africa for the frog and finest mother of pearl or iris for the eyes and slides.

As Massaranduba is very heavy and hard, these bows lie particulary well in the hand of the musician. The dark black, very dense heart wood of the frog lends the play with these bows a pronounced harmonic tone.
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