Shadow SH-HBT-TRC

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    HB pickup frame with built-in chromatic tuner, for tremolo guitars, cream
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    Automatic, comfortable, fast, inconspicuous, accurate and always there when you need it: the brand new Shadow E-Tuner!

    Finally, even electric guitarists do not have to worry about forgetting or losing their tuning devices. A perk once reserved for certain acoustic guitars equipped with onboard tuners has now become available for electric guitars as well. Even as you play, you can now fine-tune the instrument with just one inconspicuous press of a button . . . and just like that, you’re done!

    The impressive advantages lie close at hand or, better put, within view. Shadow's E-Tuner HB-T allows you to transform any humbucker electric guitar and turn it into an instrument with accurate onboard tuning.

    The Shadow SH E-Tuner HB-T sits inconspicuously inside a humbucker frame, can easily meet even the greatest of musical demands and yet remains affordable. The device never affects or reduces the value of an instrument’s essential sound. Neither do any fine adjustments made to pickup electronics get altered in any way. The Shadow SH E-Tuner HB simply – and in a way that goes beyond the instrument itself – rings true.

    Installation, as you might expect, is straightforward. As the SH E-Tuner HB-T replaces the original frame of your humbucker there is no woodworking required, and a prized instrument can at any time be restored to its original state.

    The E-Tuner is available in three versions:

    •For curved-top guitars:
    SH HB-T CT (-B for black or -C for cream)
    •For flat-top guitars:
    SH HB-FT (-B for black or -C for cream)
    •For tremolo guitars:
    SH HB-T TR (-B for black or -C for cream)
    Wherever and whenever you need it, the Shadow SH E-Tuner HB is always ready. Whether on stage, backstage, at rehearsal, in the studio, while practicing at home or jamming with friends . . . finally, electric guitars can be tuned with both perfect accuracy and lightening fast speed.

    The Shadow SH E-Tuner HB responds quickly and precisely and – thanks to its chromatic functioning – allows for all conceivable alternate tunings, including open tunings. Its multicolored LEDs are unfailingly easy to read, even in very bright surroundings, and its operation – thanks to single-button turn-on and automatic shut-off – is entirely straightforward.

    In addition, there is little reason to worry about battery life: with a maximum power usage of 6mA, a single button cell lasts through roughly 2000 tunings of approximately one minute each. This battery is located in the electronics compartment of the guitar within a protective shell (included with the device); replacement of the battery, when necessary, is a snap and can be accomplished in practically no time at all.

    ?Secret operation - only you know it is there
    ?Ultra-accurate - precise chromatic tunings
    ?Simple installation - no modification to your guitar
    ?Always onboard - can't be lost or forgotten
    ?Doesn't impact the sound of your guitar in any way

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