StewMac SM6126 SM6126
StewMac SM6126 SM6126
StewMac SM6126 SM6126 StewMac SM6126 SM6126

StewMac SM6126

Mitchell's Abrasive Cord #55 .018" (0,46mm), 200 grit
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SKU: SM6126
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Guitar floss! After using your nut files, smooth the string notches with Mitchell Abrasive Cord. It helps keep the strings from binding in the slots, for more reliable tuning. Available in four versatile thicknesses, Mitchell Abrasive Cord also smooths the string notches in metal bridge saddles to reduce string breakage.

Tough Mitchell Abrasive Cord is coated with durable silicon carbide and aluminum oxide microgrit. It's great for smoothing the string slots in archtop guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin and resonator guitar bridges, to help eliminate string buzz.

• Cleans screw threads
• Deburrs metal and plastic
• Smooths fine edge details in sawn pearl inlays
• Smooths bridge pin hole string slots
•12-foot (3.66 meter) roll

You'll find lots of other handy uses for it in your shop!

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