Fender 0018823049

Fender 0018823049

13,70 €

tuner/string tree mounting screws, vintage Strat, gold, 12 pcs
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Pure Vintage Parts
Many of Fender's Pure Vintage parts are crafted where possible on the same tooling and machinery as our original-era Fender parts. Whether you are personalizing, modifying or restoring, there is no better way to maintain the proud heritage and period-correct accuracy of your classic Fender instrument or amp.

Tighten your tuning machines with truly traditional hardware; a set of Phillips-head screws meant to keep your hardware stable and looking stylish.
NOTE: Vintage basses will require 16 mounting screws.


Set of 12 (3 X 3/8") Phillips-head screws
Genuine vintage specifications
Fits most vintage-style and modern guitars and basses

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