Crumar EXP-20-MS EXP-20-MS

    Crumar EXP-20-MS

    193,40 €
    Com IVA
    long throw expression pedal (10K) with momentary switches, for MOJO CLASSIC/SUITCASE + MOJO61
    Status: Consultar para disponibilidade

    This pedal perfectly fits your organ setup, it's ideal for playing organ or keyboards when sit on a bench or on a stool. Thanks to the integrated switches you can control the speed of a rotary effect completely hands-free. Built of solid platic and with a large and steady metal base. Two TRS long cables (included) can be plugged on it and in your Mojo (or other keyboards if compatible). Friction can be adjusted.

    - 10 Kohm potentiometer
    - 2 momentary switches
    - TRS cables included

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