Hipshot HS0HS00LN HS0HS00LN
Hipshot HS0HS00LN HS0HS00LN
Hipshot HS0HS00LN HS0HS00LN Hipshot HS0HS00LN HS0HS00LN

Hipshot HS20200LN

BT2 Bass Xtender, for '67-'82 USA F-style and Schaller BMF, lollipop key, nickel
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Are you often called upon to play low D or B notes but don't want to switch to a 5 string? You're in good company. That's why the BT2 has been a not so secret weapon of elite bass players since 1982. The ability to instantly drop the tuning of your low string and then back again with the flip of a lever is a great way to keep the gigs coming! The BT2 is a direct replacement for the Schaller® BMF tuner* that was first found on CBS era Fender® basses** manufactured between 1967 and 1982. Since then, the BMF tuner has been featured on countless boutique builds and Custom Shop models.

• Drop a Major 2nd (E-D) and if your strings have standard thickness cores, you can go as low as a 4th (E-B)
• Robust stamped and machined steel construction
• 27:1 tuning ratio
• Fits 11/16" (17.5mm) headstock holes
• Adjustable tension nylon bearing system
• Stainless steel key prevents tarnishing and rust where you touch the tuner the most
• Available in clover or lollipop key styles
• Mounting hardware included
• Available in black, nickel, and gold finishes

(* Schaller® is a trademark of Schaller Electronic GmbH. Hipshot Products, Inc. is not associated with Schaller Electronic GmbH. **Fender® and Squier® are registered trademarks of FMIC. Hipshot is not affilicated with FMIC.)

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